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Natural Beauties of Kars

Discover Kars, home of natural attractions


Kars' Natural Beauties to Discover

Kars, Turkey's winter wonderland, has some beautiful natural attractions for foreign and local visitors. With the increase of temperatures in Kars, the nature exhibits all its beauty with colourful flowers, insects and birds.

Nature in Kars

Kars is one of the most incredible places in the eastern part of Turkey with its pure nature, wildlife, natural beauties and geographical location.

If you are traveling in summer you can never see such a green, such a blue. If you are traveling in winter you can never see such an endless whiteness.

Do not leave without;

  • See the pristine natural environment with road trip
  • Fish on the frozen Cildir Lake
  • Visit Sarikamis to experience the finest white crystal-like snowflakes
  • Touch the wildlife, encounter wild animals await you in nature
  • Go to the highlands and herd the cows
  • Visit the nature park of Soguksu
  • Watch the tens of bird species at Kuyucuk Lake in spring and autumn

Attractions for Nature Lovers

Sarikamis Forest: Sarikamis Forest is one of the most beautiful forests to take a deep breath. The forest area was declared as national park in 2006 by the name of Sarikamis Allahuekber Mountains National Park. The forest area offers great panorama to visitors during the autumn and winter months.

Cildir Lake: Cildir Lake is the biggest freshwater and the second largest lake in the Eastern Anatolia region. The surface of the lake is frozen into ice during winter months. You can have a unique experience by riding horse-drawn sleighs and fishing on the frozen lake.

Susuz Waterfall: Susuz Waterfall is located in Susuz district of Kars province in the Eastern Anatolia region of Turkey, offers the impressive scenery and natural beauties for visitors.

Kuyucuk Bird Paradise: Kuyucuk Lake, one of the most valuable wetlands in northeastern part of Turkey, is a breeding, nesting and feeding site for over 200 bird species during the migration seasons.

Aygir Lake: Aygir Lake, a volcanic set lake, is used as a picnic and festival area by the local villagers in summer season. The lake is surrounded by a beautiful green valley. If you wish to see mother nature, the best time to visit is spring and summer.

Natural Attractions to Diacover in Kars

Fishing on Cildir Lake, Kars