Natural Beauties of Konya

Discover Konya and amazing natural wonders

Konya's Natural Wonders to Discover

Known as mysterious capital city of the steppe, in the vicinity of Konya, there are many interesting natural attractions, among which the beautiful lakes, nature parks, sinkholes, caves, waterfalls, vineyards and national parks.

Nature in Konya

Hosting steppe's mysterious beauty, Konya is one of the oldest settlements in Anatolia and also Turkey's largest city in terms of surface area. Established in a very large area, Konya has some natural beauties to explore. If you are planning your trip to Konya, we recommend you to take a look at this article. Here are the most amazing natural places to see in and around Konya.

Do not leave without;

  • Seeing the lakes of Meke, Acigol, Obruk and Aksehir.
  • Visiting Yerkopru Waterfall offering a very beautiful view.
  • Taking great pictures of the reflection of the sky in Tuz Lake.
  • Visiting the national park of Beysehir Lake.
  • Watching the hundreds of bird species at Beysehir Lake in all seasons.
  • Visiting the nature parks of Akyakos, Kocakoru Forest, Yakamanastir and Kugulu.

Attractions for Nature Lovers

Tuz Lake: Providing 40% of Turkey's salt needs, the lake is also very important for waterfowls. If you visit Tuz Lake, you can take great pictures as a result of the reflection of the sky in the lake. Here, especially the sunset times are much more fascinating.

Beysehir Lake National Park: Beysehir Lake and its surroundings have been declared as a national park in 1993 and taken under protection. The national park, which is the 2nd largest national park of our country and known as the most beautiful face of the sun, covers an area of 86,855 hectares.

Goksu Waterfall: Goksu (Yerkopru) Waterfall is one of the most attractive natural beauties in Konya as a natural wonder. The waterfall is just like a heaven when first viewed, and drops from the travertines to the river bed in a height of 20 m.

Meke Crater Lake: Meke Lake is a crater lake composed of two nested lakes located at Karapinar in Konya province of Turkey. Known as the amulet of the world, the lake is a registered natural monument of our country. Meke Lake attracts nature lovers for its interesting and mesmerizing views.

Caves: The caves of Tinaztepe, Balatini, Korukini and Susuz Guvercinlik are definitely worth visiting for spelunking enthusiasts.

Meram Vineyards: Meram Vineyards, one of the most beautiful and natural places of Konya, were even mentioned in Evliya Celebi's travel book. Meram Vineyards and Gardens, which stand out with their fresh air and unique nature, are now being used as a promenade.

Konya's Natural Wonders to Discover
Cirali Sinkhole, Karapinar, Konya