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Natural Hot Springs in Turkey

Discover Turkey, home of natural hot springs


Turkey's Natural Hot Springs

Turkey is volcanic country with its several thermal resources. The Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Turkey lists 22 unusual natural hot springs and curative mud baths in Turkey.

Natural Hot Springs

Turkey is among the top countries in terms of geothermal potential in the world. There are almost 1,500 hot springs of different flows, temperature and chemical compositions in our country.

The temperature of these natural hot springs varies between 20-110 degrees Celsius, and their flow is between 2-500 litres per second.

Feel like restoring your body and soul? Look no further, let one of Turkey's 1,500 thermal springs find the cure right for you. From the trendiest centers in the world to the oldest, Turkey has it all. See for yourself.

Thermal Resources

Get fully relaxed and cured in a spot with some of the most thermal resources in the world. Learn all the techniques and natural cures in one of the 1,500 thermal springs in Turkey, where you can restore your body and heal your soul.

Unusual Thermal Resorts

Balcova Thermal Springs, Cekirge Thermal Springs, Dalyan Mud Bath, Gazligol Thermal Springs, Gonen Thermal Springs, Hamamyolu Thermal Springs, Harlek Thermal Springs, Hudai Thermal Springs.

Ilica Thermal Springs, Ilgin Thermal Springs, Kangal Thermal Springs, Karacasu Thermal Springs, Kestanbol Thermal Springs, Kizilcahamam Thermal Springs, Kos Thermal Springs, Omer and Gocek Thermal Springs, Orucoglu Thermal Springs, Oylat Thermal Springs, Pamukkale and Karahayit Thermal Springs, Sakar Thermal Springs, Sultaniye Thermal Springs, Yalova Thermal Springs.

Natural Hot Springs in Turkey

Karahayit Thermal Springs, Pamukkale, Denizli