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Nature Reserves in Turkey

Discover Turkey, home of nature reserves


Turkey's Nature Reserves

Most of nature protection areas in Turkey are smaller in area than national parks, which allows for their enclosure and leads to more effective protection.

Nature Protection Areas

In addition to national parks, Turkey has 31 areas that have been specifically preserved in order to protect endangered species of flora and fauna, and some are used for scientific research and educational studies. All the nature protection areas in Turkey have been designated according to various biological characteristics.

3 Picturesque Nature Reserves

Camili Efeler Forest: Camili Efeler Forest is the most untouched forest ecosystem in Turkey and Europe.

Yumurtalik Lagoon: Yumurtalik Loagoon covers lakes, lagoons and wide collection of plant and animal species.

Kazdagi Goknari: Kazdagi covers the Ida mountain fir, it is endemic to Turkey.

Turkish Nature Reserves

Aegean: Dandindere Nature Reserve, Domanic Kasalic Nature Reserve, Kartal Lake Nature Reserve, Sirtlandagi Halep Pine Forest Nature Reserve.

Mediterranean: Alacadag Nature Reserve, Ciglikara Nature Reserve, Dibek Nature Reserve, Habibi Neccar Mountain Nature Reserve, Sutculer Sigla Forest Nature Reserve, Kasnak Oak Forest Nature Reserve, Tekkoz Kengerliduz Nature Reserve, Vakif Pine Grove Nature Reserve, Yumurtalik Lagoon Nature Reserve, Korcoban Nature Reserve.

Black Sea: Akdogan and Ruzgarlar Ebe Pine Forest Nature Reserve, Camili Efeler Forest Nature Reserve, Camili Gorgit Nature Reserve, Camburnu Nature Reserve, Citdere Nature Reserve, Demircionu Nature Reserve, Kale Bolu Hazelnut Nature Reserve, Kavakli Nature Reserve, Kokez Nature Reserve, Sarikum Nature Reserve, Orumcek Forest Nature Reserve.

Marmara: Beykoz Goknarlik Nature Reserve, Kasatura Gulf Nature Reserve, Kazdagi Goknari Nature Reserve.

Central Anatolia: Akgol Nature Reserve, Seyfe Lake Nature Reserve.

Nature ReservesTurkey in Turkey

Camili Efeler Forest, Borcka, Artvin