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Olive Oil Museums in Turkey

Discover Turkey, home of olive oil museums


Turkey's Olive Oil Museums

Turkey has great olive oil museums worth to visit. These museums are formed to reflect the connection of olive and olive oil culture of the Anatolian and Mediterranean history. This is the full list of Turkish olive and olive oil museums.

Great Museum Examples

Olive and olive oil museums, which are some of the significant museum examples in the world, also some of the important places to be seen in Turkey.

In this museums, you will testify to the way of olive oil production phases, from the production to the table.

The best olive oil museums in Turkey;

  • Adatepe Olive Oil Museum, (Ayvacik-Canakkale)
  • Oleatrium Olive and Olive Oil Museum, (Kusadasi-Aydin)
  • Kostem Olive Oil Museum, (Urla-Izmir)

Adatepe Olive Oil Museum

Adatepe Olive Oil Museum is Turkey's first and boutique olive oil museum. The goal of the museum is to preserve the literary and visual history of olive oil production in Turkey, or as it was previously called, Anatolia.

Kostem Olive Oil Museum

Kostem Olive Oil Museum is the world's largest olive oil museum, also Turkey's second industrial museum. All sections of the museum are waiting for those who are interested in olive and olive oil.

Oleatrium Olive and Olive Oil History Museum

Oleatrium Olive and Olive Oil History Museum is the biggest olive oil museum in European countries. Each of the objects that make up the collection is a valuable treasure to be seen. The marvelous museum exceptionally touches to olive oil pressing history combined with art and ends up with organic products. You will feel yourself in a historical journey while you are visiting this museum.

Olive and Olive Oil Museums in Turkey

Oleatrium Olive Oil Museum, Kusadasi, Aydin