Phaselis Ancient City

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Ancient City of Phaselis

Phaselis Ancient City is located within the borders of Kemer town in Antalya province. Established by the people of Rhodes in the 7th century BC, Phaselis is also an ancient port city. It has a rich history and is crucial for its ruins.


Founded in 693 BC, Phaselis was an important port city in history. This port city, which has a rich history, is crucial for its ruins, historical amphitheatre, aqueduct, agora and baths. The remains of the ancient city of Phaselis start at the seashore. The ancient port city is covered with pine and cedar trees and even on the hottest days of summer can be visited in comfort. There is a well preserved theatre which is used for evening performances during the Phaselis Art Days.

Combining history and the sea, Phaselis is an ancient settlement where ancient ruins enrich your holiday experience. You may breathe the historical tissue in Phaselis, which is a must see place.

The City of Athena

Joined the Lycian Union, Phaselis became one of the most important cities of the union. The city was the oldest settlement in the region and, through its trading activities, it rapidly developed and prospered. With the weakening of the Lycian Union it fell under the control of pirates as all other port cities. The reign of the pirates in the area ended with the Roman Empire coming to dominate the region. In the Byzantine period it became a bishopric. It retained its importance until the 3rd century AD and declined after that.

Phaselis Archaeological Site

Phaselis is sometimes referred to as a city of Lycia, sometimes a city of the Pamphylia region. The truth is, it is located in the borders of both these areas. Its geographic position suggests that Phaselis was an important port city.

Entrance Port: The ancient city of Phaselis has three ports, one of which is right at the entrance in the north.

Protected Port: To entrance port's right there is small port, the middle of the three, which is known as the port of War or Protected Port.

Sun Port: At the end of the port street comes the port of Sun. Now the cruising boats for the blue voyage make a stop or anchor for the night at this port.

Temple of Athena: It is thought that the yet uncovered Temple of Athena and other important buildings are in the Acropolis Hill which is now covered with forests.

UNESCO Tentative List

Ancient City of Phaselis, which was included on the UNESCO Tentative List in 2009, is one of the outstanding universal values of Turkey.

  • Official Name: Ancient Cities of Lycian Civilization
  • Architectural Type: Ancient City
  • Date of Submission: 2009
  • Category: Cultural
  • Reference: 5408
  • Location: Antalya, Turkey
Ancient City of Phaselis, Antalya
Phaselis Archaeological Site, Kemer, Antalya