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Rafting on Coruh River

Discover Artvin, home of whitewater rafting


Whitewater Rafting in Artvin

Coruh River is one of the world's fastest flowing rivers, considered as one of the streams of the world well for rafting sport. Do you dare to try rafting on the Coruh River in Artvin?

Coruh River

Coruh River is the largest stream of Artvin province, among one of the natural wonders of the Black Sea region and one of the best places in Turkey for whitewater rafting.

Coruh River is springing from Bayburt and pouring to the Black Sea in Batum, via Erzurum and Artvin. The river is 466 km long and with the fastest flowing waters in the country with its local people, untouched nature and brilliant atmosphere.

Rafting on Coruh River

Coruh River is one of the fastest running rivers of the world, acknowledged as one of the world's top 10 rivers for rafting. Fed by snow melting from the Kackar, Coruh passes through spectacular canyons and narrow valleys. Professional sportsmen can enjoy a five-day programme starting at Ispir and finishing at Yusufeli. Day rafting trips from Yusufeli are also an exhilarating but comfortable way to relax after trekking in the mountains.

Rafting Tours: Several international and Turkish agencies offer rafting holidays. Don't forget that the company supplies wet suits as well as safety equipment. Some arrange river bank camping and others stay in village houses or pensions along the route.

Best Seasons: Because of the water level, the most reliable time to enjoy the white water trips in Artvin is early June. Tourists can use the opportunity of rafting and canoeing on the Coruh River between October and June.

Rafting on Coruh River in Artvin

Coruh River, Artvin