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Railway Museums in Turkey

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Turkey's Railway Museums

Turkey has some good railway museums worth to visit for art lovers and train enthusiasts. Most of these train museums are sponsored by Turkish State Railways and display steam locomotives. This is the list of 6 best Turkish railway museums.

Turkish Train Museums

Railways have historical importance for Turkey. A railway museum is a kind of museum which explores the history of all aspects of rail related transportation, including locomotives, railway cars, trams and railway signalling equipment.

Turkish railway museums preserve both the physical elements and heritage of railways in Turkey and abroad. It is so touching to walk around, among the old and colourful vagons. You all will love it.

Some of the best train museums for you to visit in Turkey;

  • Camlik Railway Museum
  • TCDD Open Air Steam Locomotive Museum
  • Istanbul Railway Museum
  • Halic Rahmi Koc Museum
  • Eskisehir Railway Museum
  • Cengelhan Rahmi Koc Museum

6 of the Best Train Museums

Camlik Railway Museum: Camlik Railway Museum is an outdoor railway museum at Camlik village of Selcuk district in Izmir province, Turkey. This museum is the largest railway museum in Turkey and contains one of the largest steam locomotive collections in Europe.

Istanbul Railway Museum: Istanbul Railway Museum is a small museum can be visited within the Sirkeci Train Station. There is a collection of objects and souvenirs.

Eskisehir Railway Museum: Eskisehir Railway Museum is a compact museum close to the railway station, only for train enthusiasts. It is worth to look if you are waiting on a departure.

TCDD Steam Locomotive Museum: TCDD Open Air Steam Locomotive Museum is a railroad museum in Ankara, Turkey. This museum is owned and operated by the Turkish State Railways.

Halic Rahmi Koc Museum: Halic Rahmi Koc Museum is the high quality industrial museum, located in Istanbul. Most of the items exhibited in the museum are selected from Rahmi Koc's private collection. Original machines and their replicas, scientific and mechanical items make up the basis of the museum's exhibits.

Cengelgan Rahmi Koc Museum: The collection covers a wide range of railway objects from the items used in Orient Express and the model trains in working order to those of 19th century toy trains.

Railway Museums of Turkey

Sirkeci Railway Museum, Istanbul