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Religious Sites in Izmir

Discover Izmir, home of religious sites


Izmir's Spiritual Holy Sites

Izmir has always been a multicultural Turkish city since it was founded. Throughout the centuries, people coming from the different cultures, religions and languages, managed to live together in Izmir. This cultural identity of the city makes it a meeting point of religions in tolerance and peace. With its architectural beauties and magnificent holy sites of three religions such as mosques, basilicas, churches, synagogues, Izmir is a spiritual city.

Hisar Mosque, Izmir

Hisar Mosque

Holy Faith

Molla Yakup Mosque

Hisar Mosque is one of Izmir's monumental religious structures, situated in the neighbourhood of Kemeralti. Built by Aydinoglu Yakup Bey in 1597, the mosque is the biggest and most magnificent mosque in Izmir.

Hisar Mosque