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Sahaflar Book Market

Discover Istanbul, home of Sahaflar Bazaar


Istanbul Sahaflar Book Market

Sahaflar is one of the oldest markets of Istanbul, the antique and second hand book bazaar. It has been a book and paper market since Byzantine times. Sahaflar Bazaar is also one of the places that must be visited in Istanbul.

Antique Book Market

Sahaflar Market was a place to publish and distribute books as it served as an important literary and intellectual center during the Ottoman period. Over time, as similar markets opened around the city, the market lost its former importance. Although it mainly became a place to buy books for the Turkish University exams, it still is a fascinating place where one can browse through.

Shopping at Sahaflar Bazaar

Today there are still some old books, new ones, and examples of Ottoman miniature pages can be found. In the interior courtyard, you can see the bust of Ibrahim Muteferrika who in 1732 printed the first book in Turkey.

Location: Sahaflar Bazaar, situated between the Grand Bazaar and the Sultan Beyazit Mosque, you can find second hand and antique books.

Opening Times: Sahaflar Market is open daily except on Sundays and during public or religious holidays. Some of the stores are open on Sundays.

Sahaflar Old Book Market, Istanbul

Sahaflar Old Book Market, Istanbul