Saint Paul Trail of Turkey

Discover Turkey and its second long distance route

Turkey's First Cultural Walking Route

Saint Paul Trail is Turkey's first cultural and second long distance walking route. The route is a waymarked footpath from Perge, 10 km east of Antalya, to Yalvac northeast of Lake Egirdir. The trail is about 500 km long and taking 27 days in total.

Saint Paul Trail

Saint Paul Trail is the second long distance trail exploring more remote mountains and lakes of southern and central Turkey.

The trail is a 500 km 27-day waymarked footpath from Perge (10 km east of Antalya province) to Yalvac (northeast of Lake Egirdir). There is a second branch starting at Aspendos, 40 km east of Antalya and joining the first route at the Roman site of Adada.

Saint Paul Trail is over Roman roads, footpaths and forest tracks; the western branch of the route is mainly suitable in places for mountain bikes. It starts at sea level and climbs up to 2200 m, with two optional peaks at around 2800 m. Some parts of the route run through ancient and natural cedar forest, unique around the Mediterranean. The east branch of the trail runs through the beautiful Koprulu Canyon National Park. The west branch, which is more historically accurate, follows aqueducts and original roads as far as possible.

Highlights of the Trail

Saint Paul Trail offers trekking enthusiasts insight into the countryside that Paul traveled on his first journey through Anatolia.

The route starts at either Aspendos or Perge, both close to Antalya and finishes at Yalvac, near Lake Egirdir.

There are accommodation options in village houses or small pensions, but longer sections you can camp in plenty of beautiful places.

  • Experiencing the village hospitality in the beautiful stone houses.
  • Walking among the cedar and oak forests.
  • Watching the amazing views of Yazili Canyon.
  • Visiting well preserved ruins of ancient Roman cities.
  • Staying in a pension at Egirdir surrounded by the turquoise waters of the lake.
  • Enjoying whitewater rafting at Koprulu Canyon.

Best Seasons: The best seasons for trekking are spring and autumn.

Responsibilities: Please fulfill some responsibilities while trekking and mountaineering in Turkey. Protect and respect the wildlife, plants and trees. Guard against all risks of fire. Take your rubbish with you.

Turkey's First Cultural Walking Route
Saint Paul Walking Route, Antalya