Salda Lake

Discover Burdur and visit peaceful wetlands

The Maldives of Turkey

Salda Lake, which has a 295 km2 protection zone, is one of the rare natural wonders of our country. Known as the Maldives of Turkey, it is one of the 5 cleanest and most precious lakes in the world.

Salda Lake

Lake Salda, which is situated 64 km west of city centre of Burdur, is only 4 km away from Yesilova district. In 1989, Lake Salda and the area surrounding it, and in 1982 some quarters of Salda were declared as first degree and second degree protected areas respectively.

The lake, which has an elevation of 1193 m above sea level, has an area of 47 km2 and a depth of 185 m.

This freshwater tectonic lake is surrounded by wooded hills, rocky terrain and small alluvial plains. The lake and the area surrounding it contain magnesite. Its white beach is one of the two places in the world resembling the rock components of planet Mars.

Besides being one of the deepest, Salda is one one the cleanest lakes in the world. Following the natural beaches around the lake begin forests.

What to Do

Salda Lake, which is home to many water birds, is a wonder of nature worth seeing, where green, white and turquoise exist harmoniously.

The facilities around the lake provide visitors with an opportunity to spend a nice time and relax in the unique atmosphere.

The lake offers sailing, swimming, diving, bird watching, camping and caravanning opportunities for both domestic and foreign tourists. The crystal clear waters of the lake and the harmony of white, turquoise and green will not be erased from the memories for years.

Highlights of the Lake

The world famous Salda Lake, which is a secret paradise of Turkey, is a part of the Lakes Region which has tens of lakes and very unique atmosphere. Salda Lake is a crater lake and has a dramatic landscape that astonishes everyone who visits it.

If you have a chance we suggest you to visit this amazing place in Turkey.

Don't leave without;

  • Go skiing to the Salda Ski Resort.
  • Seeing the flora and fauna of Eseler Mountain.
  • Swimming in the turquoise waters of the lake.
The Maldives of Turkey
Salda Lake, Yesilova, Burdur