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Salep, Turkish Winter Beverage

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Salep, Hot Turkish Drink

Salep is a sweet and comforting classic Turkish drink, a very warming winter drink prepared with crushed orchid root and milk, and served with cinnamon. Salep is a winter beverage, consumed hot.

Turkish Salep

Salep is a hot drink made with milk and salep powder sprinkled with cinnamon. It is a good remedy for sore throats and cold, in addition to being delicious. The powder of salep is made with a mixture of different spices, and its flavour is unique.

Salep is hot creamy drink, drunk in coffee shops and tea gardens in winter all around Turkey. Usually it is drunk alone, but if the person wants to eat something, a pie or cake would be a good idea.

Incredibly Delicious Hot Drink

Salep is a traditional drink and it was also served at that time of the Ottoman Empire.

Salep is produced from the ground root of a wild orchid of the same name, mixed with milk and cinnamon. Salep is readily found during the winter months in most patisseries.

How to Serve: Salep is another typical Turkish drink. It is a mixture of a special powder called salep that is sold in the supermarkets and milk. Before serving they spread cinnamon over it making the drink more attractive.

Winter Drink: Salep is very special, very Turkish and its season is limited. You can only find it in the winter months, officially between October and April.

Salep, Wonderful Turkish Winter Beverage

Salep, Wonderful Hot Drink