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Sarsala Bay

Discover Mugla, home of Sarsala Bay


Mugla's Blue Paradise, Sarsala

Dalaman's paradise corner, Sarsala Bay fascinates travelers with its lush green nature, Caretta Caretta turtles, turquoise colour sea and unspoiled beauty. Come and enjoy swimming with fish in the waters of this beautiful cove.

Sarsala Cove

Located 15 km away from in Mugla's Dalaman district, Sarsala Bay is an attractive and wonderful cove with its crystal clear water and long pebble natural beach, where pine trees seamlessly meet the sea and there is no any construction.

Sarsala Bay is another favourite stopping place for boats and the blue voyage yachts. It has peaceful atmosphere and natural beauty, is also one of the most preferred bays for swimming. There is a restaurant and a pier where the boats are anchored mostly in small Sarsala Bay. Also, you can see the Lycian rock tombs by walking towards Tasyaka Bay from Sarsala Bay.

The only disadvantage of the Sarsala Bay, which is a corner from heaven with its wonderful sea, is the paths to get here which are a bit troublesome.

Warm and Peaceful Atmosphere

Sarsala is one of the most beautiful and popular bays around small town of Gocek. You can dive into the crystal clear water in this bay full of supernatural beauties and start the day with plenty of oxygen. You can do some activities like camping, walking and photography in the forestry areas.

Sarsala Cove, situated within the borders of Kapikargin village, is hiding a magnificent nature behind its curved paths. At the end of your enjoyable short trip, when you reach the Sarsala Cove, the panoramic view will be striking for you.

Highlights of the Sarsala Cove

Let's explore some highlights of the Sarsala Cove;

  • Natural beach for swimming
  • Lycian Rock Tombs
  • Tasyaka Bay
  • Peaceful place to anchor your boat
  • Routes for nature walking

With the excitement of discovering new places in the Aegean region, you can turn your route into Sarsala and experience an unforgettable travel experience.

Sarsala Bay, Turkey

Sarsala Cove, Dalaman, Mugla