Sea Kayaking in Turkey

Discover Turkey and experience sea kayaking

Sea Kayaking around Turkey

Turkey is a paradise for paddlers and sea kayakers, with many different types of sea kayaking activities available. Come to experience sea kayaking around the secluded bays and ancient ruins of Turkey.

Sea Kayaking

Sea kayaking is one of the most exciting and fun ways to explore the rocky coastline and caves of Turkey's beautiful turquoise coast. The coastline of southwest Turkey, where the Aegean meets the Mediterranean, is a paradise for sea kayakers.

There is no other backdrop that compares to paddling around the coastal water of the Mediterranean and Aegean. One of the most popular destinations is Kas where you can literally kayak through, in and over the Lycian ruins of the sunken city. History and monuments to great civilizations litter the coastlines and kayaking gives you the one of the most relaxed adventures you could imagine.

Come and explore the shores of Turkey visiting quiet bays, coves and beaches.

Why Sea Kayaking

The main reasons and factors that make sea kayaking attractive in a specific area are, sea and weather, regional attractions, prices, organization, safety, professional teams, equipment.

  • No previous kayaking experience is required as there is nothing technical in steering these light but stable craft.
  • After an important safety briefing, most are paddling well within a few hours.
  • You will however need to be reasonably fit.
  • Sea kayaking is about journeying.
  • Sea kayaking is about exploring.
  • Sea kayaking is about sharing experiences and memories with others.
  • Sea kayaking is more than just paddling.

Safe Paddling: Even if the weather is fine in the morning it does not mean that it will stay that way all day. Check the weather forecast or ask a local before you leave.

If the clouds darken and start to gather, it is a good idea to head back. Tell someone where you are going too, and remember lifejackets.

Sea Kayaking in Turkey
Kekova Island, Kas, Antalya