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Skiing in Turkey

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Season Ski in Turkey

More fun, more snow, more choice. Turkey's geographical position and good snow conditions create great potential for skiing. Ski season typically lasts for four or six months in Turkey.

Skiing Turkey

With a naturally high terrain, forested peaks and mountain ranges, winter sports in Turkey have been waiting for discovery by international skiers. You can also ski on the mountains of Turkey.

Skiing may not be the first thing which springs to mind when you think of Turkey, but considering it is such a mountainous country, it is not surprising that Turkey boasts a number of good quality ski resorts.

Turkey's snow record is excellent with many of the resorts at high altitude. During the normal winter conditions the height of the snow reaches approximately 3 m, and covered with forests, the natural beauty of the mountainous areas is stunning.

Winter Tourism

The high altitude mountains of Turkey have made the country an important centre for winter tourism, and skiing is becoming increasingly popular.

The first mention of alpine skiing in Turkey was in the area around Erzurum in 1914 and from 1933 onwards sporting clubs began to be formed for those interested in skiing in the areas around Bursa, Ankara and Erzurum. The Turkish Mountaineering and Horsemanship Federation, which also catered for skiers, was formed in 1935 and in 1939 the Turkish Mountaineering and Winter Sports Federation was established one of the first such organizations anywhere in the world.

Modern Facilities

Turkey's modern facilities are spread across the slopes from the Black Sea to the Mediterranean, and from Cappadocia to Southeast Anatolia. And with peaks covered in snow nearly year round, visitors can for example, stroll through centuries of history in the morning, and head for the hilltops for some downhill adventure in the afternoon.

Skiing in Turkey

Kartalkaya Ski Resort, Bolu