Snowboarding in Turkey

Discover Turkey and birthplace of snowboarding

Snowboard Holidays in Turkey

Snowboarding is an excellent snow record with beautiful sceneries and unusual skiing activities in Turkey. In the winter sports areas of our country, there is everything for an ultimate snowy adventure amidst the serene Alpines.


Snowboarding, which is one of the best winter sports for enjoying, is gaining popularity real quick in Turkey. The breathtaking stunts of the snowboarders not only attract their own kind but also numerous spectators, who gather to watch the snowboarders in action. Turkey is an ideal destination of choice for snowboarders and skiers who want to test their limits. Fun for kids and adults, the slopes of Turkey offer a brilliant view. Every year, hundreds of thousands of people travel to Turkey's slopes for a winter holiday.

Best Seasons: It is almost winter, you know what that means? It is time to get your board and go Turkey for snowboarding.

In the winter, Turkey's mountain ranges get lots of snow and the weather is very accommodating to ideal snowboarding conditions. The season usually runs from December through to early April, but this varies depending on snowfall.

The Birthplace of Snowboard

Turkey is a country of the origins of snowboarding. The Kackar Mountains in the Black Sea region of Turkey is the birthplace of snowboard. The villagers have been standing on planks of wood and sliding down the slopes of the Kackar Mountains, in the northeast of Turkey, since well before the start of the 20th century.

Best Snowboarding Resorts

Snowboard is one of the best winter activities to do during your Turkey holiday. There are lots of ski centres in Turkey, located in the highlands and all offer skiing and snowboarding training and equipment hire.

Here is a list of the top 9 snowboarding destinations;

  • Palandoken Ski Resort, Erzurum
  • Uludag Ski Resort, Bursa
  • Erciyes Ski Resort, Kayseri
  • Kartalkaya Ski Resort, Bolu
  • Sarikamis Ski Resort, Kars
  • Ilgaz Mountain Resort, Kastamonu
  • Saklikent Ski Resort, Antalya
  • Bozdag Ski Centre, Izmir
  • Davraz Ski Centre, Isparta
Snowboard Holidays in Turkey
Ilgaz Mountain Resort, Kastamonu