Sultan Marshes National Park

Discover Kayseri and visit magnificent Sultan Marshes

Turkey's Magnificent Wetland

Located in Kayseri province, Sultan Marshes National Park is one of the most important Ramsar sites in Turkey. The national park, which is famous for its fresh and salt water ecosystem, is a natural wonder to enjoy bird watching.

Sultan Marshes

Sultan Marshes, which was declared as a national park in 2006, covers an area of 24.357 hectares in total. The national park takes its name and fame from the fact that it was a hunting ground for sultans during the Ottoman Empire.

The magnificent natural formation of the Sultan Marshes National Park has a rare ecosystem which is home to fresh water and salt water ecosystems. It is one of the most important protected areas of Turkey, situated at the intersection point of two main bird migration routes between Europe and Africa. The national park hosts 301 bird species for nesting, feeding, breeding and immigration needs. There are also 428 natural plant species and 48 endemic species around Sultan Marshes National Park.

Due to its natural life in the list of category A, the park is among the few important wetlands covered by the International Ramsar Convention which is the intergovernmental treaty that provides the framework for the conservation and wise use of wetlands and their resources.

What to Do

Situated at southern foot of Erciyes Mountain, Sultan Marshes is a wide reedy area. The size of this reedy field changes according to the seasons.

With its many bird species, Sultan Marshes is the second most important bird paradise and one of the 14 important wetland habitats in Turkey. In addition to nature photography, the area is frequently preferred for bird and wildlife observation. The walking trails, observation tower and the Bird Museum in the national park attract the attention of visitors.

The mountains surrounding the park offer a unique panoramic view. The extraordinary composition of the reed beds and Erciyes Mountain is worth seeing.

National Park Profile

Sultan Marshes National Park is located within the boundaries of Develi and Yesilhisar districts of Kayseri province in the Central Anatolia region of Turkey.

The basic highlights of the national park;

  • Watching spectacular panorama of mountains and reed beds.
  • Bird watching, ecotourism, nature photography.
  • Discovering endemic plant species and wildlife.
  • Spending time in the peaceful atmosphere of the national park.
Turkey's Magnificent Wetland
Sultan Marshes, Develi, Kayseri