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Summer Holidays in Turkey

Turquoise Coast of Turkey

Turkish Turquoise Coast

Turkey has one of the longest coastlines of any country along the Mediterranean coast, and the stretching from Cesme to Alanya is bordered by clear and picturesque waters that it is known as Turkish turquoise coast.

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Turkey's 7 Beautiful Sea Caves

7 Incredible Blue Caves of Turkey

Turkey has a plenty of beautiful sea caves. These are the best places where sun, sea and earth combine to create a wonderful spectacle. Discover Turkey's littoral caves, which turn blue when the light hits the water.

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Turkey's 10 Most Beautiful Bays

10 Most Breathtaking Coves along the Turkish Coast

If you want to enjoy a swimming experience where green meets blue, explore the 10 fantastic bays you must visit along the Turkish coast.

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Turkish Thrills

Inspirational Beaches

Turkey's 10 Best Swimming Beaches

10 Best Public Beaches to Swim

Stretching from Europe to the Middle East, Turkey has truly beautiful public beaches to swim in the city centres. See below the list of top 10 beaches which are public, mostly crowded but the great for swimming.

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