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Susuz Waterfall

Discover Kars, home of Susuz waterfall


Susuz Waterfall

Susuz Waterfall is located in Susuz district of Kars province in the Eastern Anatolia Region of Turkey, offers the impressive scenery and natural beauties for visitors.

Susuz Waterfall

Susuz Waterfall is also known as the Su Ucan Waterfall in the region, situated on Susuz - Ardahan highway. It is 3 km to Susuz.

Water is falling from an approximate height of 40 meters offers an impressive scenery for visitors. You can reach the waterfall from Susuz in 4-5 minutes by a vehicle or you can walk 45 minutes from the valley. Susuz town is also worth to visit for the thermal baths, which are said to be good for rheumatism patients.

Geographical Information

Country: Turkey
Region: Eastern Anatolia
Province: Kars
Town: Susuz

What to Do

Susuz is an ideal destination for trekking, hiking and cycling with its terrain and natural beauties.

You can experience natural beauties, you can meet with the local people in villages you will stop by and get to know the daily life better.

Susuz Waterfall, Turkey

Susuz Waterfall, Kars