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Suuctu Waterfall

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Suuctu Waterfall

Bursa's Suuctu Waterfall is in the middle of a natural paradise, situated 17 km away from Mustafakemalpasa district and the roar of the water falling 38 m is very pleasant. The waterfall offers magnificent beauty that awaits photographers and nature lovers.

Suuctu Waterfall

Suuctu Waterfall is a natural paradise surrounded by beech, oak and pine trees. Suuctu is a fascinating resort area to visit during the weekends especially for those from Istanbul and Balikesir, actually called as Suuctu and connected to a road for 13 km to Tumbuldek thermal waters.

Suuctu Waterfall, which is a hidden paradise and offers a different beauty in every season, is not known well enough. The waterfall is about 30 m width in winter season, which may reach to 50 m by reason of flood, also meet the drinking water requirements of the Mustafakemalpasa residents.

We recommend Suuctu Waterfall as an afternoon getaway from the city on a hot summer day. By the afternoon, especially on the weekends, the park gets fairly crowded.

Geographical Information

Country: Turkey
Region: Marmara
Province: Bursa
Town: Mustafakemalpasa

Suuctu Waterfall is so beautiful it makes you feel like time has stopped. Get out and make this your next long weekend destination.

Suuctu Waterfall, Turkey

Suuctu Waterfall, Mustafakemalpasa, Bursa