Tarsus Waterfall

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Berdan Kydnos Waterfall

Tarsus Waterfall, which is located in Tarsus district near Mersin province, is one of the most popular places for local and foreign tourists to visit. The scent of jasmine flowers around the waterfall is incredibly rich and sweet.

Tarsus Waterfall

One of the most visited waterfalls in Turkey, Tarsus Waterfall is located on the Berdan River in the north of the town centre. Berdan River (Kydnos) forms a waterfall falling from 5 m. The area where the waterfall was formed on was a necropolis. The existence of the tombs of Romans under the ground is known where the waterfall is situated. Tarsus Stream flows over the tombs 3 - 5 meters high due to the change of the riverbed and forms the present waterfalls.

Tarsus Waterfall is marvelous formation privileged by the nature. Jasmines and the fragrances are amazing on the promenades of the waterfall. It has especially impressive view in winter and spring seasons. Watching the sunset here in spring, when the waters have the greatest volume is a wonderful experience for nature lovers.

Characteristic Features

Tarsus Waterfall is not a waterfall pouring from tens of meters like other waterfalls. Although the waterfall is not poured from too high, it has a very fast and strong flow.

What makes the waterfall important and special is the area where it is located. This area was used as a necropolis in the Roman Period. Because of the geological formation, rocks could be carved very easily. However, the river bed was changed during the Byzantine Period, and the flow of water destroyed many rock tombs. The area was named Kydnos.

Since the area is completely forested, you can also come here for trekking and picnic. The scent of jasmine flowers around the waterfall is incredibly sweet.

Tarsus Waterfall is not in the status of a nature park or historical monument. So you can visit the waterfall for free.

Geographical Information

Situated in Tarsus district, Tarsus Waterfall offers a visual feast for all visitors.

Please see the geographical informations below;

  • Region: Mediterranean
  • Province: Mersin
  • Town: Tarsus
Berdan Kydnos Waterfall
Tarsus Waterfall, Tarsus, Mersin