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Theme Parks in Turkey

Discover Turkey, home of theme parks


Turkey's Amusement Parks

Amusement parks in Turkey offer entertainment for all ages and taste. Play, adventure, history and shopping. Turkey is a very popular country with its the biggest, largest and most beautiful aquaparks and dolphinariums.


Turkish people's natural affection for children that promise to make your stay in Turkey the most memorable family vacation you will ever have.

Are you planning to travel Turkey and looking for an unforgettable day, fast, dynamic and full of adrenalin entertainment? Turkey has lots of big waterparks and also these are known as one of the best in the world. Come to Turkey and enjoy the big waterparks.


Take your children to a dolphinarium and experience the unique pleasure of swimming with dolphins. Dolphins are the angels of the seas, fall in love with the angels. Experience the unique pleasure of touching them and swim with dolphins.

Theme Parks

Ride some of Turkey's most spectacular roller coasters, or bring your bathing suit to a superslide. Here are some of Turkey's top amusement parks. Vialand Theme Park, Isfanbul Theme Park, Jurassic Land, Space Camp Turkey, Miniaturk, Ankapark, Sazova Park, Tema World, The Land of Legends Theme Park, Viasea Theme Park are among the most popular amusement parks. Don't forget to see the popular theme parks in Turkey.

Vialand Theme Park: Vialand Theme Park offers entertainment for all ages and taste. Play, adventure, history and shopping.

Jurassic Land: Jurassic Land is the biggest dinosaur themed entertainment and education park of Europe.

Space Camp Turkey: Space Camp Turkey uses space technology to educate children in the fields of astronomy and science.

Miniaturk: Miniaturk in Istanbul is the world's largest miniature park with its iconic monuments and architectural masterpieces from Turkey.

Amusument Parks in Turkey

Adaland Aquapark, Kusadasi, Aydin