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Discover Artvin, home of attractions and activities


What to See and Do in Artvin

Artvin, a symphony of colours, a hidden paradise in the Black Sea region. A charming city with a mild climate that enchants the visitors with every shades of green. With its heritage from the past, cultural values, local culinary culture, geographical features and rich history, Artvin attracts attention of tourists. Get ready to an unforgettable journey to Artvin that will keep your interests and adrenaline high.

Natural Attractions in Artvin

Natural Attractions in Artvin

Nature Attraction

Artvin's Natural Wonders

Artvin has a great importance in terms of natural tourism thanks to its wide range of natural values such as snowy peaks of mountains, interesting style of wood architecture, green plateaus, pristine forests, crater lakes, waterfalls, valleys and canyons.

Natural Attractions in Artvin
Rafting on Coruh River in Artvin

Rafting on Coruh River

River Rafting

Rafting in Artvin

Coruh River is one of the world's fastest flowing rivers, considered as one of the streams of the world well for rafting sport. Do you dare to try rafting on the Coruh River in Artvin?

Rafting on Coruh River

Feel The Nature

Artvin in Turkey's north east is green, friendly, and naturally spectacular. Spend some time in the mountain villages and feel totally refreshed. Get lost in the green, touch to the clouds and feel the nature under your skin. Black Sea region of Turkey is simply inspiring.