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Things to See and Do

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What to See and Do in Gaziantep

With its strong history, Gaziantep is one of the top destinations in Turkey's southeastern region and has much to offer in terms of culture to domestic and international visitors. There are a number of exciting things to do in Gaziantep. From historical sites to cultural attractions, explore all unique places to see in the city of Gaziantep. If you need to visit this city we would recommend you to experince all the beautiful attractions as below.

Tourist Attractions in Gaziantep

Tourist Attractions in Gaziantep

Attraction Culture

Tourist Attractions

Gaziantep is home of top attractions, such as city museums, mosques, historical bazaars, caravanserais, traditional houses, archaeological sites, cultre centers, zoo, gardens and parks.

Tourist Attractions in Gaziantep
Food and Drink in Gaziantep

Food and Drink in Gaziantep

Food Drink

Gastronomy in Gaziantep

Gaziantep has one of the finest cuisines not only in Turkey but in the whole world, boasting unique sauces and blends of flavours and spices. Local fruits and vegetables play an important role in the Gaziantep kitchen.

Food and Drink in Gaziantep

Unique Gaziantep Houses

Discover unique Gaziantep houses. Home to many different civilizations over the centuries, Gaziantep is now the stage of high speed restorations of all kinds. As part of an ongoing street fortification project in Gaziantep, around 2000 structures within an area of 15 km2 have been restored to their former glory.