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What to See and Do in Kars

There is an another world in and around Kars. Nothing seems familiar. Kars, the gateway of Anatolia to the Caucasus, is founded in a unique geography having the traces of different civilizations. The city, which has become a shining star of the Eastern Anatolia region in tourism with its changes and successive projects in recent years, has a great potential. You can see many historical monuments, undiscovered routes, cultural attractions and natural beauties to visit in the city center and surrounding districts.

Natural Beauties to Discover in Kars

Natural Beauties to Discover

Nature Attraction

Kars' Natural Attractions

Kars, Turkey's winter wonderland, has some beautiful natural attractions for foreign and local visitors. With the increase of temperatures in Kars, the nature exhibits all its beauty with colourful flowers, insects and birds.

Natural Beauties of Kars
Historical Places of Kars

Historical Places in Kars

Historical Structure

Kars' Historical Sites

The city of Kars has some inspiring tourist spots for culture and history lovers. The most impressive historical sites are the Archaeological Site of Ani, Kars Castle, Stone Bridge, Katerina Mansion. We rounded up the best sights to create a wish list of your Kars journey.

Historical Places in Kars