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What to See and Do in Konya

Konya, a city of tolerance and civilizations, is one of the oldest settlements in the world. If you have decided to visit Konya, you should be prepared for an intense tour that will feed you culturally and historically and fascinate you with its natural beauties. Because this big city is not only an amazing city with its mystical atmosphere, cultural heritage, spiritual values, tourist attractions, geographical beauties and culinary culture, but also with its civilizations throughout history.

Natural Beauties to See in Konya

Natural Beauties to See

Nature Attraction

Konya's Natural Wonders

Known as capital city of the steppe, in the vicinity of Konya, there are many interesting natural attractions, among which the beautiful lakes, nature parks, sinkholes, caves, waterfalls, vineyards and national parks.

Natural Beauties of Konya
Neolithic Site of Catalhoyuk, Konya

Neolithic Site of Catalhoyuk

World Heritage

Catalhoyuk, Land of Beginnings

Catalhoyuk is known as one of the earliest settlements in the neolithic age, located in Cumra district of Konya. It is the largest and best preserved neolithic site found to date. There are no footpaths or streets between dwellings, so rooftops were their streets.

Neolithic Site of Catalhoyuk