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What to See and Do in Mardin

Mardin, a wellspring of history, art and culture, the city where stones become poetries, the most authentic city of Anatolia. With its ancient architecture dating mostly from the 12th-15th centuries and its elegant, fairytale houses, characteristic city landscape, historical and religious sites, fabulous diverse cuisine, culture of coexistence of Muslims, Christians and Jews people, Mardin is a veritable open air museum for visitors from all over the world.

Historical Places in Mardin

Historical Places in Mardin

Historical Structure

Mardin's Historical Sites

Located in the north of Mesopotamia which is known as the birthplace of civilizations, Mardin is one of the oldest cities in Anatolia. With its wealth of historic buildings, Mardin's timeless allure is attracting visitors for feeling the cultural heritage.

Historical Places in Mardin