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What to See and Do in Sanliurfa

Sanliurfa has a big tourism potential with its unique historical and cultural assets. The city that changed human history, combines the beauty of traditional life, colourful social and cultural activities with all the amenities for a modern lifestyle. The architecture and cultural heritage found in Sanliurfa is truly glorious. You will be enchanted by the tourist attractions such as religious, historical and natural sites which are as real as they are mystical.

Gobeklitepe Temple, Sanliurfa

Gobeklitepe, Zero Point in Time

Historical Structure

Gobeklitepe Temple

Some prehistoric cultures worshipped celestial objects while others idolized animals. The reason why man started to worship at all is still a mystery, but the where and the when have finally been answered. It all began in Gobeklitepe, the 12,000 year-old temple that altered our understanding of civilization.

Gobeklitepe Temple
Haleplibahce Mosaic Museum, Sanliurfa

Haleplibahce Mosaic Museum

Museum Gallery

Haleplibahce Museum Complex

Haleplibahce Mosaic Museum is home to the world's most valuable and delicate mosaics. The museum is the largest new museum complex in Turkey. Mosaics featured in the museum are one of the biggest values of this complex.

Haleplibahce Mosaic Museum
Northern Bald Ibis, Sanliurfa

Northern Bald Ibis

Bird Wetland

Kelaynak Birds

Northern Bald Ibis is known as Kelaynak in Turkey and these species are almost being extinct in the world. The colony of the Northern Bald Ibis lives only in Birecik district of Sanliurfa province, on the Euphrates in southeastern Turkey.

Northern Bald Ibis
Food and Drink in Sanliurfa

Food and Drink in Sanliurfa

Food Drink

Gastronomy in Sanliurfa

The main ingredient used in Sanliurfa cuisine is cracked bulgur wheat. The culinary culture is largely meat based, and features a variety of meatballs, vegetable and meat dishes, kebaps served with greens and ayran, as well as a range of rice dishes. Isot and pomegranate concentrate are two characteristic flavourings used in Sanliurfa cuisine.

Food and Drink in Sanliurfa