Top 10 Beaches to Swim in Datca

Discover Mugla and most beautiful beaches

Datca's 10 Best-Known Beaches

Datca, which enchants visitors with its natural beauties, is one of the most preferred summer holiday destinations of Mugla. It is especially famous for its azure blue sea, different types of sandy and pebbly beaches.

Where to Swim in Datca?

In Datca, you can enjoy the luxury of swimming right in the town centre. Taslik, Kumluk and Hastanealti are all best-known blue flag certified beaches, located in the town centre and open to public. If you chooses to leave the centre, you may swim at any spot along the 15 km of coastline up to Karaincir Beach.

These are the scenes you can look forward to as we reveal 10 best-known beaches in Datca selected by locals.

Starting close to the main town, we first explore the more popular southern coast.

Downtown Beaches

Taslik Beach: Taslik Beach, which has a blue flag certificate, is one of the best beaches among its alternatives in Datca. As the name suggests, it has a beach that is a mixture of pebbles and sand. The beach, which is highly preferred due to its proximity to the centre and its quality service, is a little crowded in the summer season. The sea is very calm, extremely clean and bright.

Kumluk Beach: Kumluk Beach, which is one of the places where you can swim in the centre of Datca, is a beach awarded with the blue flag. As the name suggests, it is preferred by families with children due to its sandy beach and shallow sea. It is very crowded in the summer season, so we recommend you to go early in the morning and enjoy the sea.

Hastanealti Beach: Hastanealti Beach, which is located next to Kumluk Beach, is a narrow and pebbly beach. The water is a little cold due to the northerly winds. It is a very suitable place for windsurfing. Hastanealti is one of the blue flag beaches of Datca. The sea is extremely clean and bright.

Southern Coast

Karaincir Beach: Karaincir, which is frequently preferred by families with children because of its shallow sea, has a fine sandy beach. It is 15 km away from the centre of Datca. There are many facilities along the beach for your needs.

Kargi Beach: A few kilometers from the centre of Datca, Kargi is one of the most popular and favourite beaches. It is also one of the most beautiful places to sunbathe in Datca. The water is calm and warm. The beach is covered with smooth pebbles. The beach is ideal for swimming and there are various restaurants.

Gebekum Beach: Gebekum Beach, which attracts lovers of sun and sea, is about 4 km from Datca. The 7 km long beach has dunes moving with the wind and is constantly changing and expanding. It is a very suitable beach for surfing. As you can imagine, the sea is very choppy, especially in the afternoon.

Perili Kosk: Perili Kosk is one of the lesser-known and quiet Datca beaches. The beach is a mixture of pebbles and sand. In the evening, the sunset is wonderful. Bring your sunglasses because the sea is just like an aquarium.

Gerence Beach: Gerence is one of the most favourite places in Datca with its small beach and beautiful nature.

Knidos Beach: Knidos Beach, which is 35 km away from the centre of Datca, is a place preferred by those who come to visit the ancient city of Knidos to cool off. You can relax in the shade of tamarisk trees after swimming in the sea. It is generally quiet, an ideal place for those who like silence.

Aktur Beaches

Aktur Beaches, which consist of three blue flag beaches, are 30 km away from the town centre. The names of beaches are Aktur Holiday Village, Aktur Camping and Kurucabuk. These extremely untouched beaches are preferred by daily boat tours and daily vacationers. The crystal clear water is warm.

Aktur Beaches, where green and blue meet, are the perfect places to have a peaceful holiday intertwined with nature.

Datca's 10 Best-Known Beaches
Karaincir Beach, Datca, Mugla