Top 10 Blue Voyage Routes

Discover Turkey and lose yourself in the blue

Turkey's 10 Best Blue Cruise Routes

The most popular of the many blue voyage routes in Turkey and legendary voyages on the sea of civilizations. Turkey offers blue cruise opportunities for visitors to explore magical destinations, hidden coves and wonderful ancient cities.


Fethiye is located in a cove inside the Fethiye Bay, open to the north and surround by the pine trees behind, where small and large islets are sprinkled around. The cultural richness, natural beauties and local geography make Fethiye one of the most important blue voyage routes in Turkey. The route has perhaps the most breathtaking natural wonders along the way.


With its seductive beauty, Oludeniz is completely enchanting place, as its name implies. Every shade of green, blue and purple can be seen. The route gives an opportunity to discover beautiful nature of Oludeniz. Described as a paradise the God has bestowed upon the world, Oludeniz is a world famous blue voyage destination.


Gocek is the most favourite place for the blue voyage boats with its countless coves, each more beautiful than the other. In addition, there are six marinas that offer all types of services for the yachts. The islands of Gocek are the meeting points for jet set from all over the world.


Kemer is a large holiday resort of Turkey. Clean beaches, shopping opportunities and vibrant nightlife attract many holidaymakers. In addition to its historical values, Adrasan with its 2 km long beach, Tekirova at the point where the forest meets the coast, and Beldibi famous with the blue flag beaches, are the meeting points of those who wish to embrace the turquoise colour sea.


Bodrum has been a paradise jealously guarded throughout the history. The birthplace of blue voyage, Bodrum is a famous holiday resort for its spectacular coves, fortress, brilliant white houses, narrow streets and luxury yachts. The route covers an amazing colour mixture of blue and green on the endless calm water of the south Aegean shores.


Marmaris is the heavenly coastal town that conjuncts the Aegean and Mediterranean Sea together. This route covers beautiful coves and crystal clear waters which are indispensable spots for the blue voyage. Marmaris is an important tourism center of Turkey as well as being one of the largest yachting centers of the region.


Surrounded by sea on three sides, Datca is another corner of paradise where the Mediterranean embraces the Aegean. The peaceful bays and the mystique ancient city of Knidos are phenomenon and worth to see. The route covers unexplored heavens as starting from Datca.


Kas is one of the favourite resting spots of both the blue voyagers and those who want to discover Lycia with natural and historical attractions. The route covers naturally rich destinations and beautiful virgin coves.


The route is another experience of sea lovers with the mother nature. Kekova is a heaven on earth where the nature unites with the history and turquoise waters are surrounded with thousands of coves. As the coves around Kekova are serving as natural harbours in all seasons, they are some of the most favourite coasts by the yacht operators as well.


One of the foremost destinations that come to mind when mentioning blue voyage in Turkey, Cesme is an outright holiday spot all by itself with its azure waters, spectacular views, enchanting beaches and bays.

Turkey's 10 Best Blue Cruise Routes
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