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Top 12 Kid Friendly Activities

Discover Istanbul, home of fun activities


Istanbul's 12 Fun Activities for Kids

Istanbul is a kid friendly city, perfect place for families. As a metropolis, Istanbul has a lot to offer to families traveling with children and looking to spend peaceful time not only by getting around but also by getting to know the city's cultural heritage.


Bosphorus Tour: Hopping on a boat tour in the morning and cruising along the Bosphorus is perhaps one of the best ways to enjoy the best sights of the city with children.

Nostalgic Tram: Kids will also enjoy a ride on the nostalgic tram in Beyoglu. You can watch the crowds and shop windows from your seats as the tram travels along the Istiklal Street.


Rahmi Koc Museum: The museum includes antique machines, cars, ships, and even a plane as well as a submarine. You can spend quality time at the cafe by the water while the children enjoy the many attractions at the museum's garden.

Istanbul Museum of Modern Art: Istanbul Museum of Modern Art offers children workshops, where they can familiarise themselves with art under private tutors.

Toy Museum: Founded by a celebrated poet and novelist, the Toy Museum features a gratifying experience for kids that enjoy museums.

Instructive & Entertaining

Istanbul Aquarium: If your kids are nature lovers, they will appreciate an exciting visit to the Istanbul Aquarium.

Sea Life Aquarium: Home to Europe's biggest sharks, the Sea Life Aquarium offers another chance for an instructive visit with the possibility of diving.

Istanbul Dolphinarium: The dolphinarium is the biggest one in Europe. Visitors may enjoy the dolphin shows, discover the world of the sea mammals.

Legoland: Families with children aged 3 to 10 can enjoy a world of creativity, colour and building fun in the ultimate indoor Lego playground.

Theme Parks

Vialand: If you rather prefer entertaining yourselves and the kids as a whole family, Vialand Theme Park is a perfect place to spend time altogether. Children will have fun in the city.

Miniaturk: The best place for kids to make a quick Istanbul tour is the Miniaturk Theme Park. Here the visitors can see the miniaturised models of famous sites.

Jurassic Land: The biggest dinosaur theme park in Europe, Jurassic Land is a place where kids can learn and have fun at the same time.

Top 12 Fun Activities for Kids in Istanbul

Istanbul Dolphinarium, Istanbul