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Top 20 Special Things to Do

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20 Unique Things to Try in Turkey

Turkey has very rich culture and history. There are lots of unique things to experience in Turkey, you can never find them any other country in the world. Here is the list of 20 special things to try while you are in Turkey.

Special Things to Experience

Travelers to this wonderful nation have always been made to feel welcome and treated to some great hospitality. The special things to do in Turkey are of a wide range depending on the traveler's particular requirements.

This is the list of 20 unique things to experinces in Turkey;

  1. Experience a Turkish bath to relax while you are in Turkey.
  2. Walk on a Turkish carpet or kilim and buy it if possible.
  3. Take a boat cruise on the Bosphorus in Istanbul.
  4. Go shopping at the Grand Bazaar and bargain for souvenirs.
  5. Drink a Turkish tea and play backgammon at the local tea house.
  6. Watch a ceremony of the mystic Whirling Dervishes and learn Mevlana's thought.

  1. Take a boat trip on a traditional wooden gulet on the Aegean and Mediterranean coast.
  2. Watch a folk and belly dancing performance anywhere in Turkey.
  3. Try a Turkish coffee to feel an indulgent pleasure and the perfect way to finish off a good meal.
  4. Swim in the hundreds beaches awarded blue flag along the coastline of Turkey.
  5. Visit the first church built by the human that is St.Peter's Church in Hatay.
  6. See the first church dedicated to Virgin Mary is in Ephesus.
  7. Taste the the Turkish cuisine, one of the three most famous traditional cuisines in the world.
  8. Go to Catalhoyuk is the oldest known human settlement in the world.
  9. Buy an Evil Eye Bead that gives protection and brings luck.
  10. Explore the beauty of Cappadocia with hot air balloon tour.
  11. Just relax and enjoy the exotic aroma of a flavoured Nargile.
  12. Visit the great magnificent mosques in the provinces of Edirne, Istanbul and Bursa.
  13. See the breathtaking ancient ruins from Greek and Roman times.
  14. Try the Raki is an aniseed flavoured spirit, national drink of Turkey.

Top 20 Spacial Things to Do in Turkey

Belly Dancing Performance