Top 8 Things to Do in Urla

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8 Unforgettable Experiences in Urla

Urla is famous for its vineyards, beaches, villages and delicious cuisine but these are not the only highlights. Here is the list of 8 unforgettable experiences from Urla to help you immerse yourself into its leisure activities and highlights.

Explore Urla Wine Route

Urla Wine Route is one of the top recommendations to experience. This great wine route is a route where there are several award winning wineries. You can walk in the vineyards, go down to the cellars and taste the delicious local wines. The route is waymarked, all you have to do is following the signs to find the wineries.

See Klazomenai

Olive oil has been an essential part of our cuisine for centuries. The archaic olive press, Klazomenai is an interesting place to visit. Because this is the place from the 6th century BC and it has been reconstructed as its original. Klazomenai is the oldest olive oil production facility that we know of in the whole of Anatolia. Here, you can see how the people were producing olive oil in old times.

Try Aegean Flavours

With its many seafood restaurants, delicious appetizers, super fresh fruits, vegetable and meat dishes, Urla is one of the best places to try Aegean flavours and specialities. The good news is that you can get a mixed plate to taste them, but whatever you decide, make sure to try at least one artichoke speciality. Also, if you want to spend time in excellent farm to table restaurants, Urla is the right place for that.

Go Swimming

When you are coming to Urla, make sure the packing your bathing suit, because there are excellent opportunities here. Urla has some of the best beaches of Izmir. Anywhere you go, you will find sandy or rocky beaches to swim. So you can pick and choose according to your taste.

Walk the Art Street

Somewhere else you need to experience when you come to Urla is the Art Street. With its street vendors selling handicrafts, boutiques selling souvenirs, and also other shops selling art related products, it is one of the liveliest places of the town. The street is also a great place for a drink or bite to eat.

Visit Kostem Olive Oil Museum

Kostem Olive Oil Museum is a really nice place to have better understanding of olive oil history. You can see some of the tools people have been using throughout history to make olive oil with. It has a gift shop where you can buy some olive related products. Keep in mind that you have also an opportunity to taste delicious olive oils.

Go Kitesurfing

Urla is one of the best places for kitesurfing in Turkey. In the town, there is a beach with several kite schools. You can come here to learn kitesurfing and have a great kite vacation with different accommodation options.

Attend Local Festivals

Urla hosts Artichoke Festival, Kite Festival, Traditional Grape Harvest Festival and Village Theater Festival every year. Don't forget to check out your calendar for any of these events.

8 Unforgettable Experiences in Urla
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