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Traditional Turkish Baths in Turkey

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Turkey's Traditional Turkish Baths

Turkish bath is also known as hammam, one of the most important elements of Turkish culture. Refresh, revive, rejuvenate! No better way to relax than a Turkish bath.

Traditional Turkish Baths

Turkish bath is called as hammam. In Ottoman times, hammams have been social centers for hundreds of years. There is an incredible environment, architecture, service and everything of absolutely necessary to see.

When you come to Turkey, do not forget to go to a hammam.

Turkish baths that was built with the purpose of the water use for health is not only a cleaning place for Turks. Today, hammams are still health and entertainment centers where people having social activities in Turkey.

Every Turkish town still has at least one hamam, and cities have many. Most are simple, functional, and inexpensive, but the historic hamams, especially those built by the sultans to serve their imperial mosques, are beautiful works of Ottoman architecture made of fine marble with rich decoration.

When you travel to Turkey, you should experience a Turkish bath.

Turkish Hammam Culture

Turkish hammams are considered to be one of the classical bathing traditions that still remain popular. Hammam is a product of a Turkish culture that expanded beyond the borders of religion, hygiene or health treatment.

Unlimited Relaxation

Hammams have been significant for Turkish culture for centuries as they held many social occasions.

For instance previously, women would go to the hammams to check the single girls out and then tell their sons. Similarly, single girls would go to hammams with their mothers and hang out with their potential mother in laws. All the women would bring traditional cuisine there to enjoy and that would serve as a test for the brides-to-be.

After the marriage was decided then it was time for the bride hammam. The bride's friends and relatives would come together with musicians and food, dance and eat in the hammam. The bride would be washed three times in the middle to purify before the wedding ceremony. It was also common to take newborn babies to the hammam after 40 days to be washed in the middle. Also, many people would go to the hammam when a wish was fulfilled, or when a promise was kept.

Traditional Turkish Baths in Turkey

Kilic Ali Pasha Hammam, Beyoglu, Istanbul