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Turkish Tea, Proof of Hospitality

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Turkish Tea, Sign of Friendship

If you drink a cup of tea with someone you are a neighbour, if you drink a second cup you are a friend and by the third cup you are family. You will be happy starting your day with a hot cup of Turkish tea.

Turkish Tea

Unlike in other countries, tea in Turkey is prepared using two pots. The tea is steeped in a pot that sets on top of a larger pot of boiling water. The vapors aid the steeping process of the tea. Tea is generally consumed as hot as possible and in little, tulip shaped glasses called Ince Belli.

Turkish tea is usually prepared quite strong and some boiling water added to taste. With its mild climate with high precipitation and fertile soil, the eastern Black Sea coast of Turkey is renowned for its high quality black tea.

Tea is an important part of the Turkish culture and can be enjoyed in every social context. Offering tea is considered a sign of friendship and hospitality.

A Proof of Hospitality

What do you think about Turkish tea? If you drink it in a unique landscape, you will be happy starting your day. Please remember, you can taste a real flavour of Turkish tea only in Turkey.

Lifestyle: Turkish people are avid tea drinkers. Turkish tea coming from the Black Sea region, is the most popular drink and a part of the lifestyle in Turkey, taken at any time of day, usually more than once a day.

Brewing Turkish Tea: Usually Turkish tea is brewed in a sort of combined tea pot which is placed directly on the hob and has water boiling in the bottom section and tea brewing in the top so it can be made weaker or stronger as required.

How to Drink: Turkish tea is traditionally drunk from small tulip shaped glasses, always black and usually with plenty of sugar. You can serve Turkish tea with sugar cubes. But most Turkish people like to have their Turkish tea without sugar with just a few drops of lemon juice.

Turkish Tea, Proof of Hospitality

Traditional Turkish Tea