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Ucarsu Waterfall

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Gombe Ucarsu Waterfall

Ucarsu Waterfall is 250 meters southwest of Lake Yesil, close to the village of Gombe and Lake Avlan is close to Goltara which is further down the same road. The waterfall is behind a small hill at Gombe Plateau of Antalya province.

Ucarsu Waterfall

Ucarsu Waterfall is situated about 250 m to southwest of Lake Yesil, behind a small hill when walked about 5 minutes through the pathway at Lake Yesil's bank. In order to see the waterfall better one must walk down about a hundred meters. Ucarsu Waterfall is worth to see though walking down and climbing up seem difficult.

A small lake, Lake Aygir is situated about 1km southwest of Lake Yesil. Waters run beneath the lake turn into a natural fountain and form Ucarsu Waterfall.

Ucarsu Waterfall flows towards Gombe Plateau joins Subasi Stream and runs into Lake Avlan. Gombe Plateau side of the waterfall is always cooler and west side that faces towards Fethiye is relatively warmer. Peak districts of Akdaglar Mountain are always snowy in winters and it is possible to see the snow white hills even in month of July. Lakes in this district freeze up.

Holy Waterfall

Ucarsu Waterfall does not flow in winters when the frozen water sources stop. But the streams on the west side of the mountain keep on flowing. Summer conditions are just the contrary to winters.

The waterfall begins to flow powerfully when the ice melts but the streams on the west side dry. Ucarsu Waterfall keeps on flowing until month of October then the sources stop feeding.

The villagers of this region regard Akdaglar Mountain and Ucarsu Waterfall as holy.

Geographical Information

Country: Turkey
Region: Mediterranean
Province: Antalya
Town: Kas

Ucarsu Waterfall, Turkey

Ucarsu Waterfall, Kas, Antalya