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Uludag National Park

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Uludag, Olympos Mysios

Uludag (Great Mountain) National Park, located 30 km southeast of Bursa, is one of Turkey's extraordinary places for nature lovers with its wealth of flora and fauna. The national park covers an area of 13.000 hectares.

Uludag National Park

Uludag National Park, situated around 30 km south of Bursa province in the Marmara region of Turkey, was declared in 1961 as a national park. It covers about an area of 13.000 hectares, and is the highest point of the region with its 2543 meters high.

Uludag (Great Mountain) is covered with snow between December and May, making it suitable for skiing, and it is one of the most popular winter sports centres in Turkey and Europe.

With its natural beauty, rich fauna and flora protected by national park status, Uludag also has several designated trekking routes and camping facilities. Sarialan, Cobankaya, Kirazliyayla, and Karabelen are the recreation areas for day trips. Aras Waterfall and glaciers at the peak are its most interesting geographical features of the Uludag National Park.

You can reach the Uludag National Park using 34 km paved mountain highway.

Flora and Fauna

The climatic characteristics of Uludag changing from the lower altitudes to the summit, have caused the biological diversity to become even richer.

Flora: Uludag is very important national park in terms of botanical geography because of the interesting spread of many plant species that it hosts. With its plant species, the area is a major point of nature watchers and botanical enthusiasts.

Fauna: Uludag National Park is also one of the rare natural habitats for the Apollo butterflies and lammergeiers, which is a species encountered very seldom. There are also many species of animal and bird life, like bears, wolves, jackals, foxes, roe deer, rabbits, pigs, partridges, wild pigeons, vultures, eagles, black kites, nightingales and goldcrests.

National Park Profile

  • Known as Olympos Mysios in mythology
  • Very suitable conditions for winter sports
  • Rich biological diversity for nature watchers
  • Glacier lakes and waterfalls
  • Trekking and climbing routes
  • Camp and recreation areas for day trips

Uludag National Park, Turkey

Great Mountain National Park, Bursa