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Ulukaya Waterfall

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Bartin Ulukaya Waterfall

Ulukaya Waterfall is located in Ulus town of Bartin province in the Black Sea Region of Turkey. The waterfall is a natural beauty with its amazing scene. The waterfall is also known as the waterfall that relieves the pangs of love.

Ulukaya Waterfall

Ulukaya Waterfall is situated on Ulus creek and at a distance for about 17 km to Ulus town, formed as a waterfall and canyon.

The waterfall is formed by the water that falls from 20 meters which is sourced by a cavity of rock for 10 meters in width. This waterfall falls into Ulus creek and forms a pond for 30 to 40 meters wide.

Ulukaya Waterfall is the most amazing scene in Bartin province, water drops fly in the air and rainbow occurres. We can say that to visitors, this waterfall have a fascinating beauty. During the hottest days of the summer months, the water slightly reduces.

Geographical Information

Country: Turkey
Region: Black Sea
Province: Bartin
Town: Ulus

Ulukaya Waterfall, Turkey

Ulukaya Waterfall, Ulus, Bartin