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Turkey's Unesco Creative Cities

Turkey has total 4 cities which is member of the UNESCO Creative Cities Network. The cities of Gaziantep and Hatay are in the gastronomy category. Istanbul is in the design category. Kutahya is in the crafts and folk art category.

Turkey in Cultural Heritage

UNESCO Creative Cities Network strengthens cooperation with and among cities that have recognized creativity as a strategic factor of sustainable development on an economic, social, cultural and environmental level.

The list of the creative cities in Turkey;

Cities of Gastronomy

Gaziantep: Turkey's southeastern province of Gaziantep has been added to the list in UNESCO's Creative Cities Network as a creative city of gastronomy. Gaziantep is well known for its long and vibrant gastronomic history.

Hatay: Hatay has been designated a city of gastronomy by the UNESCO Creative Cities Network for its famed cuisine. Turkey's Hatay province is famous for its rich, delicious cuisine, come and taste for yourself.

City of Crafts and Folk Art

Kutahya: Kutahya has been awarded a city of crafts and folk art by the UNESCO Creative Cities Network for its incredible porcelain craftsmanship. Check out how stunning it really is detailing true art.

City of Design

Istanbul: Turkey's largest city of Istanbul has been designated a city of design by the UNESCO Creative Cities Network for its creativity. Istanbul also perfectly displays cultural diversity through its quarters and neighbourhoods.

Unesco Creative Cities of Turkey

Gastronomy Culture, Hatay