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Wetlands in Turkey

Discover Turkey, home of wetlands


Turkish Wetland Areas

Turkey is very rich country in terms of botanic life and the ecological richness. With its more than 300 wetland areas, Turkey is the richest country in wetlands among the countries in Europe.

Natural Wetlands

Turkey is the richest country in wetlands among the countries in Europe and the Middle East. Because of Turkley is located on the migration path among Europe, Asia and Africa these wetlands have great importance especially for water birds.

The wetland that shelters more than 25.000 water birds is categorized as A-level according to IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature) criteria. In our country we have 15 wetlands which are categorized as A-level. In eleven of these lands, some precautions are applied for the protection of birds.

Bird Sanctuary Project

During the migration time of birds, they need to rest in some places such as wetlands. A project titled "The Bird Sanctuary Project" aims to protect and develop wetlands in Turkey. The bird sanctuaries host many rare species of birds. A total of 460 bird species are found currently in these wetlands.

Turkey's Wetlands

The wetland areas are like open air museums, Turkey is now one of the richest countries in terms of wetland areas.

Aegean: Camalti Tuzlasi, Dalyan Lake, Gediz Delta, Great Menderes Delta, Egirdir Lake, Izmir Bird Paradise, Karakuyu Lake, Tuzla Lake.

Mediterranean: Akyatan Lagoon, Burdur Lake, Goksu Delta, Kirmitli Bird Paradise, Yumurtalik Lagoon.

Black Sea: Guzeldere Efteni Bird Paradise, Kaz Lake, Kizilirmak Delta, Yedikugular Bird Paradise, Yenicaga Lake.

Marmara: Egribuk Bird Paradise, Gala Lake, Manyas Bird Paradise, Uluabat Lake.

Central Anatolia: Beysehir Lake, Golbasi Lake, Nallihan Bird Paradise, Meke Lake, Seyfe Lake, Sultan Marshes Bird Paradise, Todurge Lake.

Eastern Anatolia: Aras River Bird Paradise, Cildir Lake, Kuyucuk Lake, Putka Lake.

Wetlands in Turkey

Manyas Bird Paradise, Bandirma, Balikesir