Whitewater Rafting in Turkey

Discover Turkey and try adrenaline pumping rafting

Rafting Adventure in Turkey

Turkey has a number of beautiful sparkling rivers and streams, which are suitable for whitewater river rafting and exciting water sports, offering a challenge to everyone from beginners to experts.

Rafting in Turkey

Rafting, a team sport aimed at steering a raft without getting overturned among wild waves, is a popular water sports activity in many locations from north to south of Turkey.

Rafting in Turkey is pretty popular, thanks to the country's wild landscapes and rivers. Rivers with varying degrees of difficulty from 1 to 6 such as Manavgat Koprulu River in Antalya province, Firtina River in Rize and Coruh River in Artvin province invite rafting enthusiasts to embark on a rafting adventure and revel in the foaming waters.

Adventure Sport

Whitewater rafting is perhaps the most popular adventure sport as it is great for groups of friends who want to challenge nature and have maximum fun. Turkey, with its rich natural resources and hundreds of rivers, provides great opportunities for water sports like whitewater river rafting and canoeing, while always respecting the cultural, historical and environmental qualities of the country.

Popular Rivers for Rafting

Coruh River: Probably the most famous of Turkey's site for this exciting activity, is the Coruh River, in Turkey's stunning Black Sea region, in the province of Artvin, which attracts both local and international sportsmen.

The river is one of the fastest flowing rivers in the world, as it travels its 466 km from its origins at 3225 metres in the Mescit Mountains to the Black Sea, over the border in Georgia.

Coruh River is renowned internationally as one of the fastest flowing in the world. It is not just the waters which are exhilarating but also the surrounding mountain scenery which is rich in wildlife including rare red vultures, bear, goats, wild boars and wolves. Serious thrill seekers will face the rapids on the Coruh River.

Firtina River: Firtina River in the Black Sea region is also popular place for river sports as is the Koprulu River in the Mediterranean region and the Manavgat in the same region. Whitewater rafting can be enjoyed all year round.

Koprulu River: Koprulu River is one of Turkey's most popular rafting area, famous with its red speckled trouts and grey mullets. The river is located in Antalya, constitutes one of Turkey's most beautiful natural recreation areas.

Whitewater Rafting in Turkey
Koprulu River, Manavgat, Antalya