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Wine Routes of Turkey

Discover Turkey, home of wine routes


Turkey's Wine Routes

The great wine routes take you to the heart and way of life of some of Turkey's wine growing regions. You will be able to visit wineries and discover the secrets of the wine making process.

Turkish Wine Routes

In Turkey, as is the case with all the nations situated in the Mediterranean, the tradition of wine is especially rich. The wine routes are exclusive wine tourism routes. This is a chance to explore Turkey while you discover its wine producing areas and taste some unique and exquisite wines.

The most famous wine routes in Turkey are the Thrace and Marmara, Aegean, Central Anatolia, Eastern Anatolia. We invite you to a tour of Turkey with wines and fabulous cuisine.

What to Expect from a Vineyard Visit

What to expect from a vineyard visit in Turkey? Our country is one of the largest grape producers in the world. You will find all information on most of the vineyards and wineries during your wine travels to Turkey.

Popular Vineyard Routes

Aegean Wine Route: Just over half of all Turkish wine comes from the Aegean region. Izmir is the capital of the Aegean, there are plenty of producers, large and small. On this wine route you can visit great archaeological sites such as Ephesus and Aphrodisias, top attractions like the Pamukkale hot springs, pretty Aegean villages and of course taste some world class wines.

Thrace and Marmara Wine Route: Thrace region is home to one of the oldest producers of wine in the world. Thrace is ideal for wine making with its very sunny, quite humid and often breezy climate. On this wine route you can easily spend a week visiting two or three boutique vineyards each day. Vineyards lie on the plain off the road to Edirne, along the hilly shore of the Sea of Marmara, on the Gallipoli peninsula and also on Avsa Island and Bozcaada Island.

Central Anatolia Wine Route: Central Anatolia is an exciting variety of wine producing area with its incredible diversity of climate and soil. This is where indigenous grape varieties are most abundantly used. Maybe you can not visit all the region's vineyards in one day, unlike the coastal regions.

Eastern Anatolia Wine Route: Eastern Anatolia accounts for 3.4% of all the wine produced in Turkey. Bogazkere grape vineyards has the total production of 8850 tons in Turkey.

Wine Routes in Turkey

Vineyard and Grapes, Kalecik, Ankara