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Xanthos Ancient City

Discover Antalya, home of Xanthos archaeological site


Ancient City of Xanthos

Xanthos Ancient City is located near the town of Kas in Antalya. Xanthos, which known as the city of monuments, was one of the most important capital cities of the ancient Lycian Union.

Xanthos Archaeological Site

Xanthos, which is famous with its story and ruins, known as the city of those who never thought to surrender to the enemy.

The ancient Lycian city of Xanthos, today in the village of Kinik is included on the World Heritage List. The archaeological values of Xanthos Ancient City make it very important part of world heritage.

Xanthos Ancient City illustrates the blending of Lycian traditions and Hellenic influence, especially in its funerary art. There are many rock tombs, sarcophagus and monumental tombs made with traditional architecture. Archaeologists agree that the epigraphic inscriptions are crucial for understanding the history of the Lycian people.

The ancient city of Xanthos, which was rediscovered in the 1800's, will be returned to its glorious days thanks to excavations by the Akdeniz University.

Ruins of Xanthos

Theatre: The theatre of Xanthos with 2200 person capacity was built in the Hellenistic Period and renovated in the Roman Period.

Stage Building: The stage building, which constitutes an entirety with its vault entrances, semicircle orchestra and the theatron, bears the qualities of the Roman Period.

Square Area: The square open area surrounded with porches on all sides to the north of the theatre is the Roman Agora.

Unesco World Heritage

Xanthos was the capital city of Lycians dating back to 3000 BC, is known to be the largest administrative centre of Lycia during antiquity. Xanthos was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List together with Letoon in 1988.

UNESCO Identity Card:

  • Official Name: Xanthos
  • Architectural Type: Sanctuary
  • Date of Inscription: 1988
  • Type: Cultural
  • Reference: 484
  • Location: Antalya, Turkey

Xanthos Archaeological Site, Turkey

Ancient City of Xanthos, Kas, Antalya