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Yachting in Turkey

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Turkish Yachting Holiday

The sailing paradise of Turkey is also home to the yachting. The Mediterranean and Aegean sea coasts, some of the most popular holiday destinations for yachting in Turkey.

Yachting Turkey

Yachting in Turkey is a very fast developing industry and a tourism alternative especially in last years. Turkey surrounded by seas in three sides is a country of maritime. Good weather conditions, crystal clear water, green nature, undiscovered bays, rich culture and history are attracting hundreds of yacht owners to Turkish riviera and Turkish coasts.

High quality, luxurious and comfortable marinas and yacht anchoring areas were built and opened to service of yacht owners to fulfill the increasing demand and numbers of the yachts in last years.

Modern Shipyards

Turkey has also gained an important reputation in building of luxurious yacht and giving technical supports to yachts. Modern Turkish shipyards producing a very high quality and very much luxurious yachts which are very well known and cruising all around the world. The demand to Turkish yachts are so much therefore even the richest people of the world have to wait in que to get their desired Turkish yachts.

Bareboat Yacht Charter

Bareboat yacht charter is a form of yachting also available in Turkey where the passengers themselves crew the boat. An experienced skipper accompanies the vessel, but once on board the people who undertake the charter perform all of the tasks the handling of the sails, the seaman's chores and housekeeping. More adventurous and experienced sailors can charter and pilot smaller motor yachts.

Flotilla Sailing

Flotilla sailing is another great adventure on the sea. A flotilla consists of a group of yachts which all follow the same itinerary. During the day you sail independently but you can always refer back to the lead boat. Although an experienced sailor skippers the lead boat, the navigation of each individual boat is left to its crew.

Yachting in Turkey

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