Yaylalar, New Base for Heli-Skiing

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Heli-Skiing Experience in Yaylalar

A small Turkish village, Yaylalar is a new heli-skiing base near Yusufeli in Artvin province of the Black Sea region. It is possible to stay the night here for an unforgettable and authentic Turkish mountain experience.

Small Mountain Village

Yaylalar is a small mountain village, located in Artvin province of Turkey, in the east of the Kackar range, in a beautiful valley at an altitude of 1900 m. A few people live here all year round, totally isolated during the long winter months. There is a mountain lodge in this small corner of paradise that is open for you throughout the winter. Local villagers will welcome you friendly around a cup of tea in the village bistro.

Choosing the Yaylalar based for heli-skiing will give you immersing yourself into the deep culture of Turkey and skiing the most beautiful ski slopes around Kackar Mountains.

Yaylalar Base

There is a possibility of accommodation, eating and drinking in the village located at the foot of the Kackar Mountains, 62 km away from Yusufeli district. The area welcomes thousands of tourists who want to heli-ski, camp and trek every year.

Turkish Hospitality: You can regularly drop in for a typical Turkish lunch and sometimes stay overnight with groups wishing to experience a night of authentic Turkish hospitality. Also you can join the local villagers to try snowboarding traditionaly.

Facilities: The helicopters land right next to the accommodation. You also have a cache of emergency rescue equipment and fuel at the lodge.

Awesome Experience: There are various descents in this area, some of which finish up right in front of the lodge. Skiing to the lodge through superb pine forests is a truly awesome experience.

Birthplace of Snowboarding: Kackar Mountains; the birthplace of snowboarding. Many people claim, rightly or wrongly, to have played a crucial role in the development of snowboarding, while some even claim to have invented it. And there is evidence of the existence of snowboards in the 1920s.

Heli-Skiing Experience in Yaylalar
Yaylalar Village, Yusufeli, Artvin