Yedigoller National Park

Discover Bolu and visit beautiful Yedigoller

Breathtakingly Beautiful Yedigoller

Yedigoller National Park is a wonder of nature with its large and small seven lakes, dense forests, rich vegetation and the beauty of wildlife. The national park is located to the north of Bolu province in the Black Sea region of Turkey.

Yedigoller National Park

Yedigoller National Park, which was declared in 1965 as a national park, covers of 1623 hectares area. The national park is an oasis for visitors who are shocked by its beauty when witnessing the seven small lakes located within it for the first time.

The national park is almost like a heaven on earth with all beech, oak, mahogany, alder, elm and fir trees embrace the environment on surface. As a result of effective protection of plant and animal life, the animals inside the park like deer, pigs, wolves, foxes and squirrels are increasing in number. The trees are painted with the most impressive red, yellow and green colours in autumn. Therefore autumn may be the best season to visit the national park. Also don't forget how gorgeous Yedigoller is in winter.

Yedigoller offers visitors to watch the beauty of the wildlife and rich landscape. If you want to enjoy the silence of nature and feel the absolute serenity, this national park is the right place for you.

What to Do

The view is amazingly enchanting from Kapankaya peak in the park. From that point with a little walking you can view the deer protection area. While you do your camping, trekking and photographing you could accommodate yourself in bungalows and guesthouses which are in the national park.

Seven Lakes: The breathtakingly beautiful Yedigoller (Seven Lakes) is one of the gifts of nature to Bolu. Yedigoller, which is an amazingly important place for those who interested in lake fishing, consists of seven small lakes. The names of these lakes are Buyukgol, Deringol, Seringol, Nazligol, Sazligol, Incegol and Kucukgol.

National Park Profile

Yedigoller National Park is 42 km away from the north of Bolu, can be reached via the Yenicaga road, 152 km off the Ankara - Istanbul highway. Please note that the Bolu - Yedigoller route is closed during winter, which means transport is only available via the Yenicaga - Mengen - Yazicik road.

The basic highlights of the national park;

  • Exploring the seven lakes and rich flora.
  • Fishing salmon trout in the lake.
  • Hiking and camping in the beautiful nature.
  • Nature photography and painting.
  • Enjoying the silence of nature and feeling the absolute serenity.
Breathtakingly Beautiful Yedigoller
Yedigoller National Park, Bolu