Yerkopru Waterfall

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Untouched Natural Heritage

Yerkopru Waterfall on the river of Ermenek is located in a small town named Mut of Mersin province in Eastern Mediterranean region of Turkey. The blue green colour of the waterfall is just like a wonderland.

Yerkopru Waterfall

It is really impossible to explain how beautiful and magical Yerkopru Waterfall is. Maybe it is not as wet as the famous waterfalls, but the turquoise colour of water, the green colour of mosses and plants, the pink lily trees as tall as pine trees and the mysterious canyon are gorgeous.

Yerkopru Waterfall, which fascinates local and foreign tourists with its wonderful view and peaceful atmosphere, is a great choice for those who want to be alone in nature.

Registered as a natural monument in 2011, the waterfall looks like a postcard. It is forbidden to swim in it.

Yerkopru Waterfall is a beautiful place that you can't imagine. It hypnotizes you. Ready for a tremendous discovery?

Characteristic Features

Located 5 km ahead of the triangle of Mut - Gulnar - Ermenek, Yerkopru Waterfall is formed by a narrow canyon due to the fractured calciferous rocks and a formation of a spring of highly carbonated water as a result of the fracture about 110 million years ago. One of the most impressive waterfalls in Turkey, Yerkopru Waterfall offers an unforgettable visual feast to visitors with its impressive view from a height of 30 m of a green valley.

The cavern that looks like a bridge is the most beautiful place and the source of the waterfall fed by Gezende Dam. The movement of the water where fed and sprang out presents marvelous scenes in colour combinations as well as the falling of the water over the mosses hanging amazingly. When looked towards the cave through the side of the waterfall, a lake floored cave is seen in 200 m in length and 8 m in width beyond the cloudy view. The blue green colour of the lake and dropping water down the ceiling of the cave is like a wonderland.

Geographical Information

Situated in the district of Mut, Yerkopru Waterfall offers a visual feast for nature lovers.

Please see the geographical informations below;

  • Region: Mediterranean
  • Province: Mersin
  • Town: Mut
Untouched Natural Heritage
Yerkopru Waterfall, Mut, Mersin