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Youth travel in Turkey

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Youth travel to Turkey

The great majority of the population of Turkey belongs to young people; the country provides camp centers and facilities which give local young people to enjoy an easy holiday.

Turkey's Youth Tourism

In Turkey, young people are really encourage to travel because it is one of the effective ways to improve and develop their personalities, a chance to visit new places, faces, lives and cultures.

Youth tourism in Turkey ensures learning while traveling.

Spending a holiday with peers from diverse countries is not only fun but also an invaluable experience teaching a lot about different cultures.

Youth Camps

The public and private sectors of Turkey undertake necessary actions that provide safe, clean, inexpensive recreational areas and resorts for their youth to be able to promote enthusiastic participation of the young to tourism.

There are a variety of youth camps in Turkey that bring together young people from all over the world and contribute to the integration of cultures upholding the values of peace and friendship.


All students and young people holding ISIC, IYC and IYHF cards or travelling through member organisations of BITS, FIYTO or ISTC may take advantage of the youth holiday opportunities available in Turkey. Either contact our office or local Tourism Information offices for details of hostels and camp sites. There are a number of agencies in Turkey specialising in youth travel.

Youth travel in Turkey

Kusadasi, Aydin