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Zoos in Turkey

Discover Turkey, home of zoological gardens


Turkey's Popular Zoos

Zoological gardens are one of the great tourist attractions. Take your children to a zoo in Turkey, get to know the wild life of animals. Izmir Wild Life Park, Faruk Yalcin Zoo, Bursa Zoo, Gaziantep Zoo, which are some of the most popular zoos to visit in Turkey.

Wild Life Parks

You can visit the large and small zoos open to the public in major cities of Turkey. Wild life parks offer great fun your family and children, promising a lovely experience with the animals and plants.

We suggest you to visit these great animal parks in Turkey.

  • Izmir Wild Life Park, Izmir
  • Faruk Yalcin Zoo, Kocaeli
  • Bursa Zoo, Bursa
  • Antalya Zoo, Antalya
  • Gaziantep Zoo, Gaziantep
  • Ataturk Forest Farm and Zoo, Ankara
  • Eskisehir Zoo, Eskisehir

Turkey's Biggest Zoos

Faruk Yalcin Zoo: Faruk Yalcin Zoo and Botanical Park, is a natural habitat of animals and plants that live together. The zoo and botanical park has more than 3600 animals of over 286 species and 8000 plants of over 600 species.

Izmir Wild Life Park: Izmir Wild Life Park, where animals live in habitats that are much like the ones they have in their natural environments and plenty of trees and fauna help the city and the citizens breathe. The Wild Life Park is home to more than 1200 animals of over 120 different species.

Bursa Zoo: Bursa Zoo is a small but lovely animal park, nice place to spend a fun and relaxing day with the kids. The zoo is interesting and easy to navigate.

Gaziantep Zoo: Gaziantep Zoo has a large variety of animals, the park is clean and the people friendly. It is the 4th largest zoo in the world, 3rd in Europe, and largest in Turkey. The zoo has everything its residents need, even a safari park. Definitely worth the trip to Gaziantep.

Zoos in Turkey

Bursa Zoo, Osmangazi, Bursa